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The world surrounding us is many-sided and extremely various. Literally in each corner of a planet something is concealed surprising. Inhabitants of the town of Verf in Austria considered long centuries that nearby to their houses there is something like an entrance in the Hell. And it appeared - that it is Eisriesenwelt, one of the most beautiful ice caves on Earth.

There are caves stone, with stalactites and stalagmites, such, as the well-known New Athos cave in Abkhazia. And there is ice, among which the biggest and known - Eisriesenwelt cave in Austria, in the earth Salzburg.

Eisriesenwelt as it often happens in the nature, appeared thanks to the river - river waters Salzach throughout the millennia laid themselves a way in the karstic Salzburg Alps. The cave of 42 kilometers as a result turned out. Freakish ice stones at an entrance in a cave were formed, thanks to snow drifts. Today to tourists it is available only about a kilometer of the cave covered with ice. It other part, by the way, consists also limestone.

The scientist from Salzburg Anton Posselt in 1879 opened to the world Eisriesenwelt cave. He surveyed the first two hundred meters of a cave and made about it the report. The scientific world, however, did not notice the report, and about a cave right there forgot. And only thanks to cave explorer Alexander von Merck who, since 1912, carried out some research expeditions of a cave, all this ice beauty became known around the world.

Alexander von Merck was lost in 1914, during the First World War, and his ashes are buried in one of the magnificent ice Eisriesenwelt halls. Today to a cave the ropeway and daily, from May to the October is laid, about 2 and a half thousand tourists a day come to take pleasure in the fairy tale which has stiffened in ice. However, ice palaces, tunnels and halls of a cave are not so static - every year, thanks to air circulation in a cave, they take the updated form, without ceasing to please and admire numerous guests of a cave.