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Summer - one of four seasons, between spring and the summer, being characterized the most high temperature of the environment.

Consists of three months: in the Northern hemisphere - June, July and August, in South - December, January and February.

Seasonal changes on a surface of Earth are caused by a year cycle time of a planet round the Sun and an inclination of an axis of its rotation of rather orbital plane. From astronomy positions summer - the period between a summer solstice and an summer equinox - proceeds in the Northern hemisphere with 20 on June (21) on 22 on September (23), in the Southern hemisphere with 21 on December (22) on 20 on March (21). In the Northern hemisphere the summer proceeds about 93,6 days, in the Southern hemisphere - 89,0 days.

In different geographical belts because of unevenness of lighting by the Sun of a surface of Earth the summer season differs from winter in various degree. With increase in width the difference increases in duration of light time of day in the summer and in the winter, reaching a maximum on poles where the Sun does not come for the horizon within 6 months in the summer.

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