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Spring - one of four seasons, after winter and till summer. The word has an ancient Indo-European basis.

Consists of three months: in the Northern hemisphere - March, April and May, in South - September, October and November.

The spring - a transitional season when the increase in light day is appreciable, raises ambient temperature and natural activity of live beings and plants is stirred up.

The astronomical spring comes after the calendar - during a spring equinox, on March 20 (in leap-years on March 20 or 21) (in the northern hemisphere) and on September 22 or 23 (in the southern hemisphere), and proceeds to a summer solstice, on June 21 (in leap-years on June 20 or 21) (in the northern hemisphere) and on December 21 or 22 (in the southern hemisphere) (all dates are given on the world time; in other time zones they can differ for 1 days).

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