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France is not only Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Disneyland in Paris or castles of a valley of Loire. In Duma and Maupassant's country there are many places which are not so known at tourists, but to visit which stands without fail. The gardens Marqueyssac in the province Perigord that in the southwest of France, in Aquitania, - absolutely unusual place, by right the deserved inclusion in the list В«Outstanding gardens of FranceВ».

These romantic gardens are located in the estate with the same name and conduct the history since the 18th century. Initially on their place the classical French park was put, but throughout the 19th century the garden was subjected to serious changes.

In the 1860th years in park there was a box which gardeners cut manually. This tradition only developed over time, and today gardens are full of intricate figures from a box. And still here more than 6 km of twisting shady avenues, belvederes, open-air theaters are laid.

Charm to the gardens Marqueyssac adds their unique site - on a high rocky spur, the unforgettable view of a river Dordogne valley from it not so known, as Loire castles, but nevertheless, so interesting castles and the charming French small villages included in the list of В«the most beautiful cities of FranceВ». For the arrangement over a valley of Dordogne, gardens sometimes call the trailing gardens Marqueyssac. To visit this wonderful place it is possible all the year round.