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100 metres in the height, about 1800 metres at width, 550 000 cubic metre of water which every minute are pouring for region of the rock. Force and power of the water which is overthrowing in an abyss. Perhaps, Victoria Falls and not the highest in the world (there are record-holder Angel Falls and his 979 metres). But it, undoubtedly, one of the most impressing wonders of the world.

The falls are located on the river Zambezi, in frontier territories of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Locals have nicknamed it В«Mosi-oa-TunuaВ», В«rattling waterВ» or В«a rattling smokeВ», and long centuries even to come nearer to it were afraid. Roaring on 40 kilometres around the falls were represented by him a fiend. When traveller David Livingston has come here on November 17, 1855, only two from three hundred natives accompanying it agree to approach to falls. Livingstone called the opening in honour of queen Victoria and to depth of soul has been struck with improbable beauty of natural creation. By the way, it is for certain not known, from which party the researcher has approached to falls for the first time. Both countries on which borders the falls are located, consider that opening has been made from their party, and therefore also Zambia, and Zimbabwe was decorated by approaches to falls with bronze statues of Livingstone.

Wholly estimate all charm of Victoria Falls Europeans could only since 1905 when here have cleared the railway. Today places around are declared by national park, and locals have lost for a long time habitual fear before terrible falls - on its both parties travel business actively develops.

One of services which is offered by local enterprising travel agencies, the "bungee jumping", a jump from the railway bridge В«Victoria FallsВ» which is crossing the river Zambezi a little lower than Victoria Falls.