Tourist Attraction


Tayrona National Park-is the huge reserved territory in 12 000 hectares, adjoining to a resort Santa Martha on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

The green damp jungle, the sandy beaches hiding in secluded bays, the untouched nature and the underwater world, more than 100 animal species and birds, archaeological monuments. Settlements of Indians of Kogi. The rivers which are born in the mountains Sierra Nevada and going down to the sea. All this one of the most beautiful and well-known national parks of Colombia.

Entrance on the park territory paid, but free. Cost for one foreigner of 35000 Colombian peso (about $17). Time of stay is not limited. On beaches there are parking, places for hammocks, canopies, fires, braziers. A part of beaches it is electrified (from generators). It is possible to reach Gayrak's bay by land, further - only by the boat. The relation to white the neutral. English-speaking Indians critically a little. Understand only Spanish.