Spain: A new website appeared for searching fellow travelers

People in the whole world started to increasingly use the model of sharing consumption and the Spaniards are not an exception. This was illustrated by the fact that the new platform was introduced Barcoamigo.com designed to share the boats.

It functions the same way as the services provided for sharing cars, for instance, BlaBlaCar. The new service founded by a Spanish investor simplifies the way to interact between those who wants to have a boat trip and individuals or legal entities who own the boats. The costs are shared by everyone involved. Pedro Sanchez, the founder and the chairman of the Barcoamigo.com website as well as the professor at the Murcia University told that his principal objective was to create the first website for joint usage of yachts and boats in Spain.

Sanchez also explained that the price is paid from 8 to 15% from the total cost of the trip. This percentage also influences such factors as the time required for booking and possible destination. The clients should also pay taxes and 1 euro fixed charge. Under this, the travelers don’t pay more than 20% of the trip price, Sanchez reported. And moreover, the platform has got a price limitation for those who propose the route as its calculation depends upon the vessel engine power, duration of travel or how big the boat is. Each offer should have its fixed departure and arrival date, otherwise such an application won’t be accepted.

The service started on June 26 and by this time it has 350 users applied and the number of offers posted reaches 60. The project founder plans to increase the number of users up to 600-700 and the number of offers posted up to 100. Sanchez has also explained that he intends to get 200 000 euro in a future funding round.

At the moment the platform is used solely on the Spanish coasts and around the country where you can find navigation, however, Sanchez doesn’t exclude the possibility to grow further and reach the coasts of Italy, France and Portugal.