Official Oktoberfest beer mug is presented

The biggest beer festival in the world is being vigorously worked on in the capital city Bavaria. Just a few days ago the Oktoberfest organizers have presented an official beer mug from which thousands of people who like foamy beverage will be degusting their favorite types of beer in fall 2015.

The official one-litre mug Ma├čkrug has a limited edition and is presented by Hacker-Pschorr. Let us remind you that the Oktoberfest starts on September 19 and ends on October 4.

There is also bad news for beer lovers who are getting ready to come to the festival: the price for one beer mug is going to be more than 10 EUR in 2015, which is not that cheap for Russians including the constant ruble rate decrease. A rise in the prices is caused by a new law, according to which working hours for personnel are to be limited, so this results in the need to hire more employees.