“Dismaland” inside Banksy’s Disneyland is to be established in Great Britain

Probably the most famous graffiti artist presents his version of the entertainment park in a seaside town Weston-Super-Mare. The Dismaland’s first visitors are to come on August 22, 2015.

The main feature of the park is a total rethinking of the traditional known Disneyland in a gloomy key. The most highly visited place is going to be Cinderella’s half-destroyed castle. You will be able to find there Cinderella as well: the exposition will remind you about the accident that took away the princess’ Diana life.

As it is typical for Banksy, the creation of the park was kept a secret up to the very last moment: the rising decorations resembled the movie shootings and in order to put off the scent the vigilant citizens they have a webpage on their website telling about the IMDB movies. There will be art-presentations and concerts taking place in the park. Moreover, there will be an exhibition of the contemporary artists’ works presented.

“Dismaland” is to be open till the end of September and the ticket price will be 3 GBP.