Thailand will live two months in a state of emergency mode

The authorities of Thailand declared introduction of a mode of state of emergency for 60 days, the British teleradio corporation of BBC of a word of the deputy prime minister of Thailand Surapong Tovichakchaikul quotes on Tuesday.

"The government made the decision to publish the decree about introduction of state of emergency for control of current situation and ensuring application of the law", - he told.

This measure should come into force since Wednesday and, in particular, will mention the capital of the country Bangkok and its vicinity, it is noted in the statement. It is supposed that the state of emergency mode, in particular, will provide to security forces of Thailand the right freely to enter a curfew, to block the separate districts of Bangkok, to make detentions without the corresponding sanction, to subject to censorship local mass media, and also to impose a ban on carrying out political meetings in structure more than five people, notes BBC. The opposition in Thailand began on January 13 a new series of large-scale protest actions in Bangkok. Their purpose - to paralyse activity of state institutions and a traffic on the main capital highways.

In total since the beginning of antigovernmental actions in Thailand in November of last year not less than eight people were lost, even more than 450 got wounds. The requirement of demonstrators is resignation of the government of the country led by Yinglak Chinavat.