Turkey will advertize itself by means of high quality photographers

Photographers with a world name by the invitation of the ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey finished shooting the most known cities and regions of the country for an advertizing campaign.

"We try to show to the whole world Turkish history, language, literature, archeology, art, kitchen, traditions. For the purpose of advance of Turkish tourism we developed representation strategy to the world of the Turkish fairy tale for 2014 and invited for carrying out photographings in Turkey several photographers with a world name" - quotes department of the minister of culture and tourism Omer Chelika. To photograph Turkey there arrived the author well-known "the Afghan girl" the American photographer Steve McCurry, the right hand of "the advertizing photographer No. 1" Hazel Thompson, the photographer of many rock stars Robert M. Knight and Mark Edward Harris. Photographers finished shooting the most known cities and regions of Turkey: Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Van, Mardin, Shanlyufra, Antalya both other tourist places and objects of the country.

The star of Hollywood, the quadruple nominee on "Oscar" Julianna Moore becomes a face of Turkish tourism in 2014.