Germany: The Europe park opens a new attraction «Arthur in the kingdom Minimoys»

Historical railway Varta Bridge in the southern province Adana in one of the Turkey's village, shown in the last film of "Bondiana", became the local sight involving not only local, but also foreign tourists.

The bridge in length 172 meters and height of 98 meters was constructed in 1888, during times of the sultan Abdul Hamid II. Among locals the bridge is known as Codjia Kyopryu, or "German" as he was built by German builders.

The bridge was remembered thanks to a scene in which actor Daniel Craig drops out of a train. After a film exit to the public, the bridge became local sight. Tourists come to Adana, and then go by train to Hadzhykyra's village to visit the bridge and vicinities.

As writes Hurriyet Daily News, to look at the bridge there come tourists from the USA, Britain, Russia and France.