Australia: To the mountain Uluru will fly direct flights from Melbourne

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia which operates Red Centre entertainments at the mountain to Uluru in Australia, opens charter flights from the airport of Melbourne to Uluru. Charter flights from Tullamarin's airport will begin on April 4. Now, as writes Ârisbane Òimes, time in a way from Melbourne to the mountain will be reduced till 3 o'clock. Earlier travel from Melbourne to Uluru took not less than 7 hours, with change in Sindey.

The flights made by the Alliance Air Fokker 75 plane, will take off from Melbourne in the 9th mornings on Friday, and return flight will go from Uluru at 15 o'clock on Sunday. Passengers will have an opportunity to take with themselves 20 kg of luggage and 7 kg of hand luggage, and in flight free tea, coffee and water will be offered.

The package consisting of placement in hotel, a transfer in the airport, a breakfast - 899 Australian dollars.