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France is getting for another tourist flow record

The number of tourists in Nepal has decreased up to 80% due to the earthquake occurred in April

British Prime Minister takes low-cost airlines

“Dismaland” inside Banksy’s Disneyland is to be established in Great Britain

Official Oktoberfest beer mug is presented

Passenger captures a terrifying moment a lightning strikes the airplane

Smoking ban near pubs in Great Britain

Spain: A new website appeared for searching fellow travelers

Spain: The most expensive taxi charge is in Tarragona

Albania will not suppress any more mussels dynamite

Czech Republic: In Prague will limit work of bars and restaurants

Spain: La Manga Club - the best golf resort of Spain

Great Britain: Englishmen do not trust mobile applications

Great Britain will construct high-speed bicycle road

Italy: The best beach in the world - on the island of Lampedusa

Greece: Restaurant of a museum of the Acropolis

Finland: In a zoo will pass a festival of ice sculptures

Great Britain: Fort Bridge - the new candidate for the list of the World Heritage

Italy cuts down expenses on the sights

China: Rosewood will construct in Sagnier new hotel

Spain pressed China from the third line in the tourism sphere

China: Ice World works in Macau

Ecuador - the country with the best climate in the world

Great Britain: The Caribbean mosquitoes infect with fever

Finland will create charter airline

Italy: The Italian police opened an exhibition of the works of art returned home

Italy: In Milan the first children's museum opened

Australia: To the mountain Uluru will fly direct flights from Melbourne

Sweden: Jamie Oliver will open restaurant in Stockholm

North Korea opened a ski resort Masik

Italy expects big snowfalls

Germany: The Europe park opens a new attraction «Arthur in the kingdom Minimoys»

Turkey: For tourism development it is enough to shoot in the right place the film about the Bond

France: In Bordeaux there will be a museum of wines

Switzerland: Swiss «Grand Hotel Kronenhof» became the best hotel of the world

The most quickly developing tourist directions of the world

Brazil: Hotels of Rio will not raise the price for hotels during carrying out the World Cup

Turkey was engaged in development of pedestrian tourism

Turkey will advertize itself by means of high quality photographers

Italy: On Sicily will note almonds flowering

Great Britain: "Sun Bridge" opens in London

Thailand will live two months in a state of emergency mode

Spain: The cruising companies will fight against smoking

United Arab Emirates: "Europe" on The World archipelago, will build up by 2016

The Greek hotel - the owner of the best pool

Finland: A sea pool is to be built in Helsinki