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Sultanate on the SE Arabian Peninsula, on the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. Its capital is Masqat. It was first Islamicized in the seventh century. In the 16th century it was subject to Portugal. The most powerful Arabian state in the early 19th century, it controlled Zanzibar and much of the coast of Persia. After its fall from power in the 19th century, it became dependent upon the British government. It has been the scene of constant civil strife in the 20th century, including a civil war in the Dhofar region during the 1960s. Oil was discovered in commercial quantities in 1964. In 1970 Sultan Said ibn Timer was deposed by his son, Qabus bin Said, who promised to use oil revenues for modernization. Oman joined the United Nations and the Arab League in 1971. In 1981, Oman and other Persian Gulf nations joined Saudi Arabia as founding members of the Gulf Cooperation Council. After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Oman opened its bases to the international coalition forces against Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War. In 1996 the sultan issued a decree clarifying the royal succession, providing for a bicameral advisory council with some limited legislative powers and a prime minister, and guaranteeing basic civil liberties for Omani citizens. Military bases in Oman were used in 2001 by U.S. forces involved in ground raids against Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden. In 2003 the lower house of the advisory council was freely elected for the first time.

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Oman: Top Cities

Muscat 797,000 Muhafazat Masqat 58.59 x 23.61 Asia/Muscat
As Sib 237,816 Muhafazat Masqat 58.18 x 23.68 Asia/Muscat
Salalah 163,140 Muhafazat Zufar 54.09 x 17.02 Asia/Muscat
Bawshar 159,487 Muhafazat Masqat 58.41 x 23.56 Asia/Muscat
Al Sohar 108,274 Mintaqat al Batinah 56.75 x 24.36 Asia/Muscat
As Suwayq 107,143 Mintaqat al Batinah 57.44 x 23.85 Asia/Muscat
`Ibri 101,640 Mintaqat az Zahirah 56.52 x 23.23 Asia/Muscat
Saham 89,327 Mintaqat al Batinah 56.89 x 24.17 Asia/Muscat
Barka' 81,647 57.89 x 23.71 Asia/Muscat
Ar Rustaq 79,383 Mintaqat al Batinah 57.42 x 23.39 Asia/Muscat
Al Buraymi 73,670 Muhafazat al Buraymi 55.79 x 24.25 Asia/Muscat
Nizwa 72,076 Al Mintaqah ad Dakhiliyah 57.53 x 22.93 Asia/Muscat
Sur 71,152 Al Mintaqah ash Sharqiyah 59.53 x 22.57 Asia/Muscat
Bahla' 54,338 57.30 x 22.97 Asia/Muscat
Al Khaburah 50,223 Mintaqat al Batinah 57.10 x 23.99 Asia/Muscat
Shinas 48,009 Mintaqat al Batinah 56.47 x 24.74 Asia/Muscat
Sufalat Sama'il 47,718 58.02 x 23.32 Asia/Muscat
Izki 36,203 57.77 x 22.93 Asia/Muscat
Al Liwa' 26,372 Mintaqat al Batinah 56.57 x 24.54 Asia/Muscat
Ibra' 25,265 Al Mintaqah ash Sharqiyah 58.53 x 22.69 Asia/Muscat
Bidbid 21,188 58.13 x 23.41 Asia/Muscat
Badiyah 18,479 58.80 x 22.45 Asia/Muscat
Khasab 17,904 Muhafazat Musand am 56.25 x 26.18 Asia/Muscat
Adam 17,283 57.52 x 22.38 Asia/Muscat
Yanqul 16,599 56.55 x 23.59 Asia/Muscat
Al Qabil 14,008 58.69 x 22.57 Asia/Muscat
Bayt al `Awabi 10,711 57.52 x 23.30 Asia/Muscat
Dib Dibba 5,000 Muhafazat Musand am 56.26 x 26.20 Asia/Muscat
The Location mostly aband oned 2,381 166.91 x-0.53 Pacific/Nauru