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Nation consisting of two main island s and some smaller island s in the S Pacific Ocean, SSE of Australia. It is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The two main island s are North Island , smaller but with the larger population, and South Island . New Zealand also includes Stewart Island , S of South Island , discovered by the British in 1808, and the Chatham Island s, E of New Zealand , discovered by the British in 1791. The earliest known inhabitants of the main island s were the Maoris, who probably arrived c. a.d. 800 or earlier and represented the southernmost point of Polynesian expansion. A second wave of these people came c. 1350.

The first European to see New Zealand was the Dutch navigator, Abel J. Tasman, in 1642; while Captain James Cook, a British navigator, circumnavigated the island s in 1769–70 and charted their coastlines. The first settlers were escaped convicts from Australia and runaway sailors. Organized settlement began in the 1840s, and Great Britain made New Zealand a colony in 1841. A treaty of 1840 with the Maoris opened large tracts of land to the settlers, and Wellington, the capital, was founded that year, as was Auckland , both on North Island . Christchurch, on South Island , was settled in 1850. The Maoris resented the continuing encroachment on their land s and fought bitterly off and on against the British until 1870. The colony was granted self-government in 1852, and in the course of the 19th century it became a large producer of dairy and meat products.

New Zealand also pioneered in social welfare legislation. New Zealand was the first country in 1893 to grant women the right to vote. In 1898, the country enacted an old age pension law. Its soldiers fought in the ANZAC corps for Great Britain in both world wars. The British Statute of Westminster in 1931 gave complete independence to the island s, but until 1947 New Zealand allowed Great Britain to conduct its foreign affairs. In 1951, New Zealand joined in the ANZUS mutual defense treaty with the United States and Australia. In 1986, the pact was suspended after New Zealand refused to let U.S. naval ships with nuclear arms enter its ports. In 1997 Jenny Shipley of the National Party became New Zealand ’s first female prime minister. In 1999 the National Party was replaced by a Labor coalition government led by Prime Minister Helen Clark. The wars with the settlers greatly reduced the Maori population, but it has since grown back to nearly 600,000. The government has concentrated in recent years in redressing past wrongs to the Maori people, but increasing activism has led to the creation of a Maori political party. The island s are noted for their scenery, the comfortable life style of the people, and a variety of unusual animals, including the kiwi, albatross, and tuatara.

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New zealand : Top Cities

Auckland 417,910 Auckland 174.77 x -36.87 Pacific/Auckland
Wellington 381,900 Wellington 174.78 x -41.29 Pacific/Auckland
Christchurch 363,926 Canterbury 172.63 x -43.53 Pacific/Auckland
Manukau City 362,000 Auckland 174.88 x -36.99 Pacific/Auckland
North Shore 207,865 Auckland 174.75 x -36.80 Pacific/Auckland
Waitakere 204,500 Auckland 174.66 x -36.92 Pacific/Auckland
Hamilton 152,641 Waikato 175.28 x -37.78 Pacific/Auckland
Dunedin 114,347 Otago 170.50 x -45.87 Pacific/Auckland
Tauranga 110,338 Bay of Plenty 176.17 x -37.69 Pacific/Auckland
Lower Hutt 101,194 Wellington 174.92 x -41.22 Pacific/Auckland
Palmerston North 75,996 Manawatu-Wanganui 175.62 x -40.35 Pacific/Auckland
Rotorua 65,901 Bay of Plenty 176.25 x -38.14 Pacific/Auckland
Hastings 61,696 Hawke's Bay 176.85 x -39.64 Pacific/Auckland
Nelson 59,200 Nelson 173.28 x -41.28 Pacific/Auckland
Napier 56,787 Hawke's Bay 176.92 x -39.48 Pacific/Auckland
Mangere 55,266 Auckland 174.80 x -36.97 Pacific/Auckland
Porirua 50,914 Wellington 174.85 x -41.13 Pacific/Auckland
Whangarei 50,900 Northland 174.32 x -35.73 Pacific/Auckland
New Plymouth 49,168 Taranaki 174.08 x -39.07 Pacific/Auckland
Invercargill 47,287 Southland 168.35 x -46.40 Pacific/Auckland
Moroni 42,872 Ile Autonome de Grand e Comore 43.26 x -11.70 Indian/Comoro
Wanganui 40,268 Manawatu-Wanganui 175.05 x -39.93 Pacific/Auckland
Upper Hutt 38,400 Wellington 175.05 x -41.14 Pacific/Auckland
Gisborne 34,274 Gisborne 178.00 x -38.65 Pacific/Auckland
Papakura 28,010 Auckland 174.94 x -37.07 Pacific/Auckland
Timaru 28,007 Canterbury 171.25 x -44.40 Pacific/Auckland
Blenheim 26,550 Marlborough 173.95 x -41.52 Pacific/Auckland
Paraparaumu 25,263 Wellington 175.02 x -40.92 Pacific/Auckland
Moutsamoudou 23,594 Ndzuwani 44.40 x -12.17 Indian/Comoro
Taupo 22,469 Waikato 176.08 x -38.68 Pacific/Auckland