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Country on Africa’s W coast between Guinea-Bissau and Senegal on the N, Mali on the NW, Ivory Coast on the W, and Liberia and Sierra Leone on the S. The area of Guinea was part of the empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai over the period from about the 10th to the 15th centuries. The French first arrived in the 16th century, but French military penetration into Guinea began in the mid-19th century.

Assisted by treaties with the French in the 1880s, the Malinke leader, Samori Toure, expand ed eastward. In 1890 Toure allied himself with the Tukulor Empire and the Kingdom of Sikasso and tried to expel the French from the area. He was finally defeated in 1898, and France gained control of Guinea and Ivory Coast. In 1958 Guinea became independent under Ahmed Sekou Toure and the Parti Democratique de Guinee (PDG). Toure was outspoken against French colonialism and under his regime Guinea was isolated from the rest of Francophone West Africa. Toure worried about conspiracies and held show trials; by the end of the 1960s, 250,000 Guineans were living in exile. A Portuguese-sponsored invasion of Guinean exiles in 1970 failed, but the government allowed some reforms in return for foreign aid. In 1984 after Toure’s death, a military coup headed by Lansana Conte took power and started to open Guinea to the outside world. A failed coup led by Vice President Traore in 1985 resulted in Traore’s execution and the consolidation of power by Conte. In 1990, riots occurred from the slow pace of democratic reform as the economy was strained by an influx of Guineans and refugees fleeing civil war in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Attempts at open elections have run into trouble, as there were accusations of vote-rigging at the 1993 presidential elections, a mutiny over army pay in 1996, and a boycott by opposition parties in the 2002 election.

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Guinea: Top Cities

Camayenne 1,871,242 Capitale d'Etat-Zone Speciale de Conakry -13.69 x 9.54 Africa/Conakry
Conakry 1,767,200 Capitale d'Etat-Zone Speciale de Conakry -13.68 x 9.54 Africa/Conakry
Nzerekore 132,728 Prefecture de Nzerekore -8.82 x 7.75 Africa/Conakry
Kindia 117,062 Prefecture de Kindia -12.85 x 10.07 Africa/Conakry
Kankan 114,009 Prefecture de Kankan -9.30 x 10.38 Africa/Conakry
Gueckedou 79,140 Prefecture de Guekedou -10.13 x 8.56 Africa/Conakry
Coyah 77,103 Prefecture de Coyah -13.38 x 9.71 Africa/Conakry
Kamsar 61,527 Prefecture de Boke -14.60 x 10.67 Africa/Conakry
Kissidougou 47,099 Prefecture de Kissidougou -10.10 x 9.18 Africa/Conakry
Labe 46,510 Prefecture de Labe -12.28 x 11.32 Africa/Conakry
Fria 44,369 Prefecture de Fria -13.53 x 10.45 Africa/Conakry
Siguiri 43,601 Prefecture de Siguiri -9.17 x 11.42 Africa/Conakry
Macenta 43,102 Prefecture de Macenta -9.47 x 8.55 Africa/Conakry
Mamou 41,619 Prefecture de Mamou -12.08 x 10.38 Africa/Conakry
Telimele 30,311 Prefecture de Telimele -13.03 x 10.90 Africa/Conakry
Tougue 25,531 Prefecture de Tougue -11.68 x 11.45 Africa/Conakry
Pita 20,052 Prefecture de Pita -12.40 x 11.08 Africa/Conakry
Boke 15,460 Prefecture de Boke -14.30 x 10.93 Africa/Conakry
Kouroussa 14,223 Prefecture de Kouroussa -9.88 x 10.65 Africa/Conakry
Koundara 13,990 Prefecture de Koundara -13.30 x 12.48 Africa/Conakry
Dabola 13,057 Prefecture de Dabola -11.12 x 10.75 Africa/Conakry
Forecariah 12,358 Prefecture de Forecariah -13.09 x 9.43 Africa/Conakry
Tondon 12,235 Prefecture de Dubreka -13.35 x 10.37 Africa/Conakry
Beyla 11,566 Prefecture de Beyla -8.63 x 8.68 Africa/Conakry
Mand iana 10,609 Prefecture de Mand iana -8.68 x 10.63 Africa/Conakry
Dubreka 10,363 Prefecture de Dubreka -13.52 x 9.79 Africa/Conakry
Koubia 9,909 Prefecture de Koubia -11.90 x 11.58 Africa/Conakry
Faranah 9,350 Prefecture de Faranah -10.73 x 10.03 Africa/Conakry
Kimbo 9,326 Prefecture de Fria -13.55 x 10.40 Africa/Conakry
Youkounkoun 7,952 Prefecture de Koundara -13.13 x 12.53 Africa/Conakry