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French polynesia

Overseas country of France consisting of approximately 105 island s in the S Pacific Ocean. The five main groups are: the Gambier Island s, Marquesas Island s, Society Island s, Tuamotu Island s, and Tubuai, or Austral, Island s. Uninhabited Clipperton Island , 670 mi SW of Mexico, is administratively part of the territory. Tahiti is the most important island , and the capital of the territory is Papeete on Tahiti. Some of the island s are volcanic, while others are coral atolls. The inhabitants are mainly Polynesian, and tropical fruits and copra are the main products. European discovery of the island groups and individual island s extended over some 200 years, beginning with the Spanish Alvaro de Mendana de Neira, who reached part of the Marquesas group in 1595, and Pedro Fernand es de Queiros, a Portuguese pilot in Spanish service, who reached the Tuamotu group in 1606. The Society Island s were discovered by an Englishman, Samuel Wallis, in 1767 but were claimed the next year by the French explorer, Louis de Bougainville. Captain James Cook named them the Society Island s in 1769 after the Royal Society that had sponsored his voyage. The Gambier and Tubuai island s were first visited by the British.

The French laid claim to, and annexed, the island groups between 1842 and 1881. In 1903 all the groups were placed under a single administration as French Oceania, or Etablissements francais de l’Oceanie. In 1946 they were reorganized as an overseas territory and renamed French Polynesia. By a vote taken in 1957 the inhabitants chose to remain a part of the French Community with representation in the French parliament. Nuclear tests were carried out in the island s by France from 1966 to 1968. Many in the island s wanted more independence from France, and limited autonomy was awarded in 1984. In 2004, the territory became a French overseas territory.

France granted French Polynesia more autonomy in most local affairs and regional relations, but has retained control of law enforcement, defense, and the money supply.

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French polynesia
French polynesia
French polynesia
French polynesia
French polynesia
French polynesia
French polynesia

French polynesia: Top Cities

Faaa 29,388 -149.60 x -17.55 Pacific/Tahiti
Papeete 26,357 Iles du Vent -149.57 x -17.53 Pacific/Tahiti
Punaauia 25,750 -149.60 x -17.63 Pacific/Tahiti
Pirae 14,729 -149.53 x -17.52 Pacific/Tahiti
Mahina 14,224 -149.49 x -17.51 Pacific/Tahiti
Paea 13,359 -149.58 x -17.68 Pacific/Tahiti
Papao 10,360 -149.55 x -17.75 Pacific/Tahiti
Arue 9,492 -149.50 x -17.52 Pacific/Tahiti
Afaahiti 5,186 -149.28 x -17.75 Pacific/Tahiti
Vaitape 4,680 -151.75 x -16.52 Pacific/Tahiti
Otutara 4,609 -149.42 x -17.77 Pacific/Tahiti
Paopao 4,221 -149.82 x -17.50 Pacific/Tahiti
Taunoa 4,131 -149.35 x -17.75 Pacific/Tahiti
Haapiti 3,959 -149.87 x -17.57 Pacific/Tahiti
Uturoa 3,668 -151.43 x -16.73 Pacific/Tahiti
Afareaitu 3,213 -149.78 x -17.55 Pacific/Tahiti
Tohautu 2,842 -149.32 x -17.75 Pacific/Tahiti
Tiarei 2,795 -149.33 x -17.53 Pacific/Tahiti
Vairao 2,423 -149.28 x -17.78 Pacific/Tahiti
Tautira 2,293 -149.15 x -17.73 Pacific/Tahiti
Teavaro 2,289 -149.77 x -17.50 Pacific/Tahiti
Faanui 2,061 -151.75 x -16.48 Pacific/Tahiti
Pueu 1,968 -149.22 x -17.73 Pacific/Tahiti
Papetoai 1,964 -149.87 x -17.48 Pacific/Tahiti
Tevaitoa 1,851 -151.50 x -16.78 Pacific/Tahiti
Hitiaa 1,826 -149.30 x -17.60 Pacific/Tahiti
Atuona 1,762 -139.03 x -9.80 Pacific/Gambier
Faaone 1,747 -149.30 x -17.67 Pacific/Tahiti
Fare 1,540 -151.02 x -16.70 Pacific/Tahiti
Teahupoo 1,422 -149.27 x -17.83 Pacific/Tahiti