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Republic of Central America, SW of Honduras, on the Pacific Ocean. San Salvador is its capital. Conquered by the Spaniards under Pedro de Alvarado in 1524, it came under the control of Guatemala, and in 1821 it became part of the short-lived Mexican Empire of Agustin de Iturbide, following its independence from Spain in 1822–23. A member of the Central American Confederation from 1823 to 1839, it was later disturbed by interference from Guatemala and Nicaragua. The country was ruled by a dictatorship from 1931 to 1944. It was at war with Honduras for four days in 1969. The country has been plagued recently by severe political instability, government corruption and repression, rebellion, and guerrilla warfare.

It is the smallest, most densely populated, and one of the poorest of the republics of Central America. In 1979, General Carlos Humberto Romero was overthrown by a military junta. Murders and other terrorism continued, and the unrest erupted into a full-scale civil war between the government and guerrillas of the leading opposition group, the FMLN. In 1990, Jose Napoleon Duarte, a Christian Democrat, became president under the junta and called for elections, which he won in 1984. The guerrilla war between FMLN rebels and right-wing death squads continued and got worse after the election in 1989 of President Alfredo Cristiani, leader of the right-wing ARENA party. In 1991, however, the government, with help from the United Nations, negotiated with the FMLN, and in 1992 a peace treaty with the rebels was signed, ending the bloody 12-year civil war that killed more than 70,000 people. The FMLN demobilized and participated in the postwar 1994 elections, and ARENA retained power. The violence from both right and left had subsided, and the government instituted a major land reform program. Economic growth has been slowed by natural disasters—Hurricane Mitch in 1998 and two earthquakes in 2001.

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El salvador: Top Cities

San Salvador 525,990 Departamento de San Salvador -89.19 x 13.69 America/El_Salvador
Skopje 474,889 Opstina Karpos 21.43 x 42.00 Europe/Skopje
Soyapango 329,708 Departamento de San Salvador -89.15 x 13.73 America/El_Salvador
Santa Ana 176,661 Departamento de Santa Ana -89.56 x 13.99 America/El_Salvador
San Miquel 161,880 Departamento de San Miguel -88.18 x 13.48 America/El_Salvador
Mejicanos 160,317 Departamento de San Salvador -89.21 x 13.74 America/El_Salvador
Nueva San Salvador 124,694 Departamento de La Libertad -89.28 x 13.68 America/El_Salvador
Apopa 112,158 Departamento de San Salvador -89.18 x 13.81 America/El_Salvador
Kumanovo 108,471 Opstina Kumanovo 21.71 x 42.13 Europe/Skopje
Bitola 86,528 Opstina Bitola 21.34 x 41.03 Europe/Skopje
Prilep 73,814 Opstina Prilep 21.55 x 41.35 Europe/Skopje
Tetovo 72,944 Opstina Tetovo 20.97 x 42.01 Europe/Skopje
Delgado 71,594 Departamento de San Salvador -89.17 x 13.72 America/El_Salvador
Sonsonate 59,468 Departamento de Sonsonate -89.72 x 13.72 America/El_Salvador
Veles 57,873 21.78 x 41.72 Europe/Skopje
Ohrid 54,908 Opstina Ohrid 20.80 x 41.12 Europe/Skopje
San Marcos 54,615 Departamento de San Salvador -89.18 x 13.66 America/El_Salvador
Usulutan 51,910 Departamento de Usulutan -88.45 x 13.35 America/El_Salvador
Gostivar 50,974 Opstina Gostivar 20.91 x 41.80 Europe/Skopje
Cojutepeque 48,411 Departamento de Cuscatlan -88.93 x 13.72 America/El_Salvador
Shtip 48,279 Opstina Stip 22.20 x 41.75 Europe/Skopje
Strumica 45,508 Opstina Strumica 22.64 x 41.44 Europe/Skopje
Cuscatancingo 44,369 Departamento de San Salvador -89.18 x 13.74 America/El_Salvador
Zacatecoluca 39,613 Departamento de La Paz -88.87 x 13.50 America/El_Salvador
San Martin 39,361 Departamento de Cuscatlan -88.92 x 13.78 America/El_Salvador
Ilopango 38,890 Departamento de San Salvador -89.11 x 13.70 America/El_Salvador
Kavadarci 38,799 22.01 x 41.43 Europe/Skopje
Struga 37,387 Opstina Struga 20.68 x 41.18 Europe/Skopje
San Vicente 37,326 Departamento de San Vicente -88.80 x 13.63 America/El_Salvador
Kochani 34,258 Opstina Kocani 22.41 x 41.92 Europe/Skopje