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Independent nation and former constituent republic of Yugoslavia in the NW part of the country, on the Adriatic Sea. It includes Slavonia, Dalmatia, and most of Istria as well as Croatia itself. In ancient times it was part of Pannonia, a Roman province. In the seventh century a.d. it was settled by the Croats, a Slavic people who migrated from the Ukraine. Croatia became a kingdom in the 10th century and acquired some surrounding territory by force, but it in turn was conquered in 1091 by King Ladislaus I of Hungary. The Croats remained in union with Hungary until 1526 when a Turkish victory at the Battle of Mohacs put most of the land under Ottoman rule. By the end of the 17th century the Ottoman Empire was in decline, but Croatian autonomy was restricted by the Hapsburg monarchs of Austria.

Part of Croatia was included in the Illyrian Provinces set up by Napoleon I in 1809 but was restored to Austrian rule in 1815. Croatian nationalism, always fervent, was expressed in an unsuccessful revolt in 1848. In 1867, with the formation of the Austro- Hungarian dual monarchy, Croatia proper was included in Hungary with Zagreb as its capital. The following year Croatia and Slavonia were given some autonomy. When World War I resulted in the collapse of Austria- Hungary, Croatia became part of the kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, renamed Yugoslavia in 1929. However, Until World War II some Croat patriots struggled fiercely for more autonomy or even for independence. In 1941 the Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia put Croatia under German and Italian rule in the form of a supposedly independent state until 1945, when Yugoslavian freedom was restored.

Croatia declared independence in 1991. Croatian Serbs declared autonomy in ethnic enclaves supported by Serbian forces. By 1995, Croatia, had taken control back from the Serbian forces. Croatia’s economy has improved, but there is still friction between ethnic groups within the nation and between Croatia and its neighbors Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. In 2003, Croatia applied for membership in the European Union.

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Croatia: Top Cities

Zagreb - Centar 800,000 Grad Zagreb 15.98 x 45.81 Europe/Zagreb
Zagreb 698,966 Grad Zagreb 15.98 x 45.81 Europe/Zagreb
Bissau 388,028 Bissau Autonomous Region -15.60 x 11.86 Africa/Bissau
Split 176,314 Splitsko-Dalmatinska Zupanija 16.44 x 43.51 Europe/Zagreb
Rijeka 141,172 Primorsko-Goranska Zupanija 14.41 x 45.34 Europe/Zagreb
Osijek 88,140 Osjecko-Baranjska Zupanija 18.69 x 45.55 Europe/Zagreb
Zadar 71,258 Zadarska Zupanija 15.24 x 44.12 Europe/Zagreb
Slavonski Brod 60,742 Brodsko-Posavska Zupanija 18.02 x 45.16 Europe/Zagreb
Pula 59,078 Istarska Zupanija 13.85 x 44.87 Europe/Zagreb
Sesvete 52,411 Grad Zagreb 16.12 x 45.83 Europe/Zagreb
Karlovac 48,123 Karlovacka Zupanija 15.55 x 45.49 Europe/Zagreb
Varazdin 41,808 Varazdinska Zupanija 16.34 x 46.30 Europe/Zagreb
Sibenik 37,112 Sibensko-Kninska Zupanija 15.91 x 43.73 Europe/Zagreb
Sisak 35,748 Sisacko-Moslavacka Zupanija 16.38 x 45.47 Europe/Zagreb
Velika Gorica 35,072 Zagrebacka Zupanija 16.08 x 45.71 Europe/Zagreb
Vinkovci 33,314 Vukovarsko-Srijemska Zupanija 18.80 x 45.29 Europe/Zagreb
Vukovar 29,584 Vukovarsko-Srijemska Zupanija 19.00 x 45.34 Europe/Zagreb
Dubrovnik 28,428 Dubrovacko-Neretvanska Zupanija 18.09 x 42.65 Europe/Zagreb
Bjelovar 28,275 Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska Zupanija 16.85 x 45.90 Europe/Zagreb
Koprivnica 25,579 Koprivnicko-Krizevacka Zupanija 16.83 x 46.16 Europe/Zagreb
Bafata 22,521 Bafata -14.67 x 12.17 Africa/Bissau
Pozega 21,153 Pozesko-Slavonska Zupanija 17.69 x 45.34 Europe/Zagreb
Zapresic 17,624 Zagrebacka Zupanija 15.81 x 45.86 Europe/Zagreb
Solin 15,927 Splitsko-Dalmatinska Zupanija 16.50 x 43.55 Europe/Zagreb
Cakovec 15,867 Medimurska Zupanija 16.43 x 46.38 Europe/Zagreb
Virovitica 15,665 Viroviticko-Podravska Zupanija 17.38 x 45.83 Europe/Zagreb
Samobor 15,221 Zagrebacka Zupanija 15.72 x 45.80 Europe/Zagreb
Kutina 14,886 Sisacko-Moslavacka Zupanija 16.78 x 45.48 Europe/Zagreb
Gabu 14,430 Gabu -14.22 x 12.28 Africa/Bissau
Metkovic 13,941 Dubrovacko-Neretvanska Zupanija 17.65 x 43.05 Europe/Zagreb