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Republic in N central Africa, S of Libya and N of the Central African Republic, with its capital at N’Djamena. The region, originally inhabited by cave dwellers, was penetrated in the seventh century a.d. by Arab traders. The state of Kanem was established by nomads from North Africa and reached its zenith in the 13th century. The Wadai and Bagirmi empires arose in the 16th century but had fallen under Sudanese dominations by the 1890s. French sovereignty over the area was recognized in the late 19th century when they defeated the Sudanese leader, Rabih. Chad became a colony of French Equatorial Africa and became a republic within the French community in 1958. Full independence was granted on August 11, 1960. The Muslims of the N waged a guerrilla war during the period 1966–73 against the southerncontrolled government with frequent intervention and support from France and Libya. In 2002 a peace agreement was signed with the northern rebel group following mediation from Libya. The conflict in Darfur, has spilled over the border into Chad with rebel groups in Chad and the Sudan raiding over the borders.

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Chad: Top Cities

N'Djamena 721,081 Region du Chari-Baguirmi 15.03 x 12.11 Africa/Ndjamena
Moundou 135,167 Region du Logone Occidental 16.08 x 8.57 Africa/Ndjamena
Sagh 102,528 Region du Moyen-Chari 18.39 x 9.14 Africa/Ndjamena
Abeche 74,188 Region du Ouaddai 20.83 x 13.83 Africa/Ndjamena
Kelo 42,533 Region du Tand jile 15.81 x 9.31 Africa/Ndjamena
Koumra 36,263 Region du Mand oul 17.55 x 8.91 Africa/Ndjamena
Pala 35,466 Region du Mayo-Kebbi Ouest 14.90 x 9.36 Africa/Ndjamena
Am Timan 28,885 Region du Salamat 20.28 x 11.03 Africa/Ndjamena
Bongor 27,770 Region du Mayo-Kebbi Est 15.37 x 10.28 Africa/Ndjamena
Mongo 27,763 Region du Guera 18.69 x 12.18 Africa/Ndjamena
Doba 24,336 Region du Logone Oriental 16.85 x 8.65 Africa/Ndjamena
Ati 24,074 Region du Batha 18.34 x 13.22 Africa/Ndjamena
Lai 19,382 Region du Tand jile 16.30 x 9.40 Africa/Ndjamena
Oum Hadjer 19,271 Region du Batha 19.70 x 13.30 Africa/Ndjamena
Bitkine 18,495 Region du Guera 18.21 x 11.98 Africa/Ndjamena
Mao 18,031 Region du Kanem 15.31 x 14.12 Africa/Ndjamena
Massaguet 17,906 Region du Hadjer-Lamis 15.44 x 12.48 Africa/Ndjamena
Dourbali 17,682 Region du Chari-Baguirmi 15.86 x 11.81 Africa/Ndjamena
Mboursou Lere 17,132 Region du Mayo-Kebbi Ouest 14.15 x 9.76 Africa/Ndjamena
Kyabe 16,177 Region du Moyen-Chari 18.94 x 9.45 Africa/Ndjamena
Benoy 15,717 Region du Logone Occidental 16.32 x 8.98 Africa/Ndjamena
Massakory 15,406 Region du Hadjer-Lamis 15.73 x 13.00 Africa/Ndjamena
Moussoro 15,190 Region du Barh el Gazel 16.49 x 13.64 Africa/Ndjamena
Bokoro 14,723 Region du Hadjer-Lamis 17.06 x 12.38 Africa/Ndjamena
Bere 14,666 Region du Tand jile 16.16 x 9.32 Africa/Ndjamena
Bousso 13,555 Region du Chari-Baguirmi 16.71 x 10.48 Africa/Ndjamena
Largeau 13,400 Region du Borkou 19.10 x 17.93 Africa/Ndjamena
Bebedja 12,671 Region du Logone Oriental 16.57 x 8.68 Africa/Ndjamena
Ngama 12,438 Region du Chari-Baguirmi 17.17 x 11.78 Africa/Ndjamena
Adre 11,928 Region du Ouaddai 22.20 x 13.47 Africa/Ndjamena