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Republic of S central Africa, on the NE shore of Lake Tanganyika, with its capital at Bujumbura. By the 17th century the area was inhabited by the Hima people, who pursued policies of expansion into neighboring regions throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1890 Burundi became part of German East Africa but was awarded to Belgium as Ruand a-Urundi after World War I. Burundi became independent in 1962 and became a republic in 1966. Melchior Ndadaye, a Hutu, won the nation’s first democratic presidential election in 1991. Ndadaye was assassinated in an attempted coup in 1993, sparking “la crise” or “crisis.” La crise is an ethnic civil war between Hutu and Tutsi that has claimed nearly 200,000 lives in fighting between Hutu militias and the Tutsi-dominated military. At least 500,000 Burundians, mainly Hutus, who fled the fighting are still living in refugee camps in neighboring Tanzania and the Congo.

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Burundi: Top Cities

Bujumbura 331,700 Bujumbura Mairie 29.36 x -3.38 Africa/Bujumbura
Muyinga 71,076 iProvense ya Muyinga 30.34 x -2.85 Africa/Bujumbura
Ruyigi 38,458 iProvense ya Ruyigi 30.25 x -3.48 Africa/Bujumbura
Gitega 23,167 iProvense ya Gitega 29.93 x -3.43 Africa/Bujumbura
Ngozi 21,506 iProvense ya Ngozi 29.83 x -2.91 Africa/Bujumbura
Rutana 20,893 iProvense ya Rutana 29.99 x -3.93 Africa/Bujumbura
Bururi 19,740 iProvense ya Bururi 29.62 x -3.95 Africa/Bujumbura
Makamba 19,642 iProvense ya Makamba 29.80 x -4.13 Africa/Bujumbura
Kayanza 19,443 iProvense ya Kayanza 29.63 x -2.92 Africa/Bujumbura
Muramvya 18,041 iProvense ya Muramvya 29.61 x -3.27 Africa/Bujumbura
Cibitoke 14,220 iProvense ya Cibitoke 29.12 x -2.89 Africa/Bujumbura
Bubanza 12,728 iProvense ya Bubanza 29.39 x -3.08 Africa/Bujumbura
Karuzi 10,705 iProvense ya Karuzi 30.17 x -3.11 Africa/Bujumbura
Cankuzo 6,585 iProvense ya Cankuzo 30.55 x -3.22 Africa/Bujumbura
Kirundo 6,083 iProvense ya Kirundo 30.10 x -2.58 Africa/Bujumbura
Rumonge 6,074 iProvense ya Bururi 29.44 x -3.97 Africa/Bujumbura
Mwaro 4,924 Province de Mwaro 29.70 x -3.53 Africa/Bujumbura