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Island nation, member of the Commonwealth of Nations, in the Windward Island s of the West Indies, E of St. Vincent Island . Bridgetown, founded in 1628, is the capital. It was probably discovered by the Portuguese, who named it Los Barbados because of the bearded fig trees they found here. In 1518 the Spanish began coming to the island to seize slaves from among the Arawak Indians to take to Hispaniola. By the mid-16th century the Indian population had about disappeared. The island was claimed for England in 1605 and settled in 1627 by English colonists, who brought black slaves. The En glish Crown took over the colony in 1663. From that time into the 18th century the island prospered as a sugar producer. Slavery was abolished in 1834. From 1833 to 1885 Barbados was the British administrative center for the Windward Island s, but in the latter year became a separate colony. During 1958–62 it was part of the short-lived Federation of the West Indies and in 1966 became independent, with a parliamentary from of government. In 2002, Barbados reformed its banking system. There are no rivers on Barbados, and water is secured by pumping from underground caverns. The population is approximately 90 percent of black African descent. Sugar is the most important export, along with rum and molasses. Barbados is popular as a resort, and tourism is the largest provider of foreign exchange.

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Barbados: Top Cities

Bridgetown 98,511 Saint Michael -59.62 x 13.10 America/Barbados
Dededo Village 42,980 Dededo Municipality 144.84 x 13.52 Pacific/Guam
Yigo Village 19,474 Yigo Municipality 144.89 x 13.54 Pacific/Guam
Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Village 18,012 Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Municipality 144.78 x 13.49 Pacific/Guam
Mangilao Village 13,313 Mangilao Municipality 144.80 x 13.45 Pacific/Guam
Mongmong-Toto-Maite Village 10,500 Mongmong-Toto-Maite Municipality 144.78 x 13.47 Pacific/Guam
Barrigada Village 8,652 Barrigada Municipality 144.80 x 13.47 Pacific/Guam
Santa Rita Village 7,500 Santa Rita Municipality 144.67 x 13.39 Pacific/Guam
Yona Village 6,484 Yona Municipality 144.78 x 13.41 Pacific/Guam
Chalan Pago-Ordot Village 5,923 Chalan Pago-Ordot Municipality 144.76 x 13.45 Pacific/Guam
Agat Village 5,656 Agat Municipality 144.66 x 13.39 Pacific/Guam
Agana Heights Village 3,940 Agana Heights Municipality 144.75 x 13.47 Pacific/Guam
Speightstown 3,634 Saint Peter -59.65 x 13.25 America/Barbados
Talofofo Village 3,215 Talofofo Municipality 144.76 x 13.36 Pacific/Guam
Inarajan Village 3,052 Inarajan Municipality 144.75 x 13.27 Pacific/Guam
Sinajana Village 2,853 Sinajana Municipality 144.75 x 13.46 Pacific/Guam
Oistins 2,285 Christ Church -59.53 x 13.07 America/Barbados
Merizo Village 2,163 Merizo Municipality 144.67 x 13.27 Pacific/Guam
Asan-Maina Village 2,090 Asan-Maina Municipality 144.72 x 13.47 Pacific/Guam
Bathsheba 1,765 Saint Joseph -59.52 x 13.22 America/Barbados
Piti Village 1,666 Piti Municipality 144.69 x 13.46 Pacific/Guam
Holetown 1,350 Saint James -59.64 x 13.19 America/Barbados
Hagatna 1,100 Hagatna Municipality 144.75 x 13.48 Pacific/Guam
Hagatna Village 1,100 Hagatna Municipality 144.76 x 13.47 Pacific/Guam