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Country located in SW Africa on the Atlantic Ocean. Namibia lies to the S, the Congo to the N, and Zambia to the SE. The Congo River flows for 100 mi along the N border.

Angola existed as a prosperous component of the African kingdom of Kongo when Portuguese explorers and emissaries first began to establish themselves in the region at the end of the 15th century. Portugal swiftly subdued the country and through the 19th century exploited the African population as a major source for the highly profitable slave trade with Brazil. During 1884–85 Portugal’s claims to Angola were ratified at the Berlin Conference at which Africa was parcelled out to European colonial powers. During the 20th century Portugal turned to intensive colonization and exploitation of the agricultural and mineral resources of the colony. Armed rebellion against Portuguese rule erupted in 1961 and raged unabated until 1975, when Angola was granted independence. Most of the Portuguese population of bureaucrats, businessmen, and farmers then fled to Europe and left Angola’s internal economy in shambles.

A struggle between competing factions immediately ensued, and Angola became a stage for a major power confrontation. By 1976, the Marxist Popular Movement for Angolan Freedom, or MPLA, had gained control over most of the nation. Guerrilla activity by the ousted factions continued, and in April 1978, 5,000 Cuban troops were brought in to help defeat them. Forces from South Africa invaded the country repeatedly in 1978, 1980, 1981, and 1982, ostensibly hunting insurgents from Namibia, or Southwest Africa. The war between the MPLA government of President Eduardo dos Santos and the UNITA rebels led by Jonas Savimbi devastated the country. The Lusaka accords in 1994 created a peace, but further fighting broke out in 1998 that spread Angola’s conflict into the Congo. The fighting mostly ended in 2002 with Savimbi’s death. Luand a is Angola’s capital and the country benefits from oil resources in the enclave of Cabinda N of the Congo River.

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Angola: Top Cities

Luand a 2,776,168 Provincia de Luand a 13.23 x -8.84 Africa/Luand a
Huambo 226,145 Provincia do Huambo 15.74 x -12.78 Africa/Luand a
Lobito 207,932 Provincia de Benguela 13.55 x -12.35 Africa/Luand a
Benguela 151,226 Provincia de Benguela 13.41 x -12.58 Africa/Luand a
Kuito 113,624 Provincia do Bie 16.93 x -12.38 Africa/Luand a
Lubango 102,541 Provincia da Huila 13.50 x -14.92 Africa/Luand a
Malanje 87,046 Provincia de Malanje 16.35 x -9.54 Africa/Luand a
Namibe 80,149 Provincia de Namibe 12.15 x -15.20 Africa/Luand a
Soio 67,491 Provincia do Zaire 12.37 x -6.13 Africa/Luand a
Cabinda 66,020 Provincia de Cabinda 12.20 x -5.55 Africa/Luand a
Uige 60,008 Provincia do Uige 15.06 x -7.61 Africa/Luand a
Saurimo 40,498 Provincia da Lunda Sul 20.39 x -9.66 Africa/Luand a
Sumbe 33,277 Provincia do Cuanza Sul 13.84 x -11.21 Africa/Luand a
Menongue 32,203 Provincia do Cuand o Cubango 17.69 x -14.66 Africa/Luand a
Caluquembe 30,300 Provincia da Huila 14.68 x -13.78 Africa/Luand a
Caxito 28,224 Provincia do Bengo 13.66 x -8.58 Africa/Luand a
Longonjo 24,346 Provincia do Huambo 15.25 x -12.91 Africa/Luand a
Mbanza Congo 24,220 Provincia do Zaire 14.24 x -6.27 Africa/Luand a
Caala 21,205 Provincia do Huambo 15.56 x -12.85 Africa/Luand a
Luena 21,115 Provincia do Moxico 19.92 x -11.78 Africa/Luand a
Lucapa 20,115 Provincia da Lunda Norte 20.74 x -8.42 Africa/Luand a
Camacupa 19,150 Provincia do Bie 17.48 x -12.02 Africa/Luand a
Catabola 18,855 Provincia do Bie 17.28 x -12.15 Africa/Luand a
Luau 18,465 Provincia do Moxico 22.22 x -10.71 Africa/Luand a
Nzeto 18,352 Provincia do Zaire 12.87 x -7.23 Africa/Luand a
Catumbela 16,977 Provincia de Benguela 13.55 x -12.43 Africa/Luand a
Camabatela 12,837 Provincia do Cuanza Norte 15.37 x -8.19 Africa/Luand a
Uacu Cungo 10,970 Provincia do Cuanza Sul 15.12 x -11.36 Africa/Luand a
Caconda 10,549 Provincia da Huila 15.07 x -13.73 Africa/Luand a
Ondjiva 10,169 Provincia do Cunene 15.73 x -17.07 Africa/Luand a